Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What capacity building workshops can you arrange?

We can arrange workshops on any aspect in the citrus value chain, and for any target group that has an identified learning need. We tailor every workshop we arrange to the needs of the target group and organisation in questions, but we can send you workshop programmes from ones that we arranged in the past to give you ideas. Remember that we only arrange workshops that other service providers are not able to.

What does is cost to arrange a learning event?

The Citrus Academy's services for arranging workshop and tours are free, but the organisation requesting the event carries all the direct costs. The cost depends on the venue, the length of the workshop or tour, the number of participants, the level of the event, etc. We will provide you with a detailed event plan and quotation on receipt of a request.

What recognition do participants get for taking part in a learning event?

The Citrus Academy issues certificates of attendance to all those that participate in workshops and tours, with details on the subjects covered during the event.

Are workshops unit standard aligned?

If unit standard alignment is required by the organisation that requests the workshop, we will comply. This is not however done automatically because it may incur additional costs.

Will learners be assessed and certified against unit standards if the workshop is aligned?

All workshops are arranged in collaboration with an accredited learning service provider, which makes assessment and certification possible. Assessment and certification is however not included automatically, as this will extend the workshop and increase the costs. On request from a learner or organisation, we will arrange for assessment and certification with the service provider.

How does one go about requesting a learning event?

Download and complete the Learning Event Request form and it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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