AgriBEE Champions Workshops

B-BBEE compliance and certification is becoming more important for all South African business. Not only does it provide companies with a structured, measurable method of engaging in transformation, but it is also becoming compulsory when a business wishes to engage in certain transactions, such as for instance trading water rights.

It is therefore essential that citrus growers learn about B-BBEE certification, and particularly about the sector codes for agriculture, generally referred to as AgriBEE.

In 2013 the Citrus Academy in collaboration with Transcend Corporate Advisors hosted a series of AgriBEE Champions workshops at a variety of venues in citrus-growing areas. The course was based on the very successful B-BBEEE Champions course of Transcend Corporate Advisors, which was adapted for the agricultural sector and AgriBEE codes by the Citrus Academy.

The workshops were targeted at those that impact on the B-BBEE status of a company, and particularly at business owners, management, and HR personnel. The course enables participants to plan, drive and implement B-BBEE certification in their agribusiness, based on the AgriBEE sector codes.

The workshop programme includes:

    • Background and introduction to B-BBEE
    • Generic Codes of Good Practice
    • AgriBEE codes
    • FAQ session: Demystifying B-BBEE
    • Enterprise types
    • AgriBEE elements
    • The AgriBEE scorecard
    • Audit evidence: gathering, collating and storing
    • Online software applications, mock scorecards and auditing software
    • Case studies (implementation planning; B-BBEE audit scenarios; using software; likely certification results)

The Citrus Academy can arrange further workshops on request and on a cost-recovery basis, with the cost of a workshop being around R50,000. We ask that class size is limited to a maximum of 25 attendants. Workshops are held over two days and include tuition by a subject-matter expert from Transcend Corporate Advisors, a comprehensive learner guide; the FastFind Codes tool; a demo of the BEE toolkit, and templates.

If you would like more information about AgriBEE workshops or if you would like us to arrange a workshop in your area, please contact us.

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