Learning Tools

The Citrus Academy develops and makes available learning media and programmes in order to assist learning providers and growers with learning delivery and to meet identified learning needs that are not otherwise catered for.

In this section, you will find a brief introduction to the learning tools available, namely learning media and learning programmes. 

Learning media include audio-visual learning media and citrus production learning material

Learning programmes are developed in response to an identified need in the industry and are usually tailor-made in terms of content and delivery mode to meet the needs of particular target groups.

To download programme-specific module transcripts, visit the CRW website by clicking on the logo below.

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The development of learning tools is funded through grants and grower levies, and wherever possible the tools are made available for free to citrus growers, universities, schools and colleges, and offered for sale to other parties.

If you cannot find the learning tools that you need, please contact us with your query.

Learning tools are developed mostly in English, with some modules translated into Afrikaans. If you have a query regarding the translation of learning tools, please feel free to contact us.

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