Audio-visual Learning Media

Audio-visual learning media is used by growers, farm and packhouse managers, learning providers, extension personnel, and anyone else that need an effective way of developing and reinforcing skills and knowledge on particular aspects of citrus production.

Audio-visual media is developed for particular aspects in the citrus value chain. A particular series will usually include modules aimed at managers and supervisors, and modules aimed at workers, which can be used again and again to reinforce learning. Series are developed with industry subject-matter experts, who are in most cases also the presenters of the audio-visual modules. Certain modules – specifically the modules aimed at workers – are done with voice-overs so that they can be translated if requested.

Series can be ordered on DVD from the Citrus Academy. A series consist of one of more DVDs containing audio-visual modules and a CD containing learner guides based on the modules, packaged in a durable DVD case. Learner guides are transcriptions of the modules, and can be used for reference purposes. CDs may also contain additional learning aids, such as posters or sample forms.

Audio-visual modules can be viewed on the Citrus Academy YouTube Channel.
For a detailed list of the available audio-visual learning media, please click here

Learner guides and learning aids for series can be downloaded from the CRW website (click logo below).

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If you cannot find the audio-visual modules that you need, please contact us with your query.

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