Citrus Harvesting

With compliments of the CGA, the Citrus Harvesting DVD set forms part of the Citrus Postharvest Series, and is accompanied by written learning material on each module.

These modules are repackaged to address the particular need for training temporary and permanent workers in citrus harvesting.

Browse through the individual modules below. All downloadable material is in PDF format.

Order your Citrus Harvesting DVD set by emailing your order form to Sive Silo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Browse Downloads

Learning Material Module 01 - The Citrus Value Chain

Learning Material Module 02 - Orchard Sanitation

Learning Material Module 03 - Picking practices

Learning Material Module 04 - Picking Supervision

Leerhulbronne Module 01 - Waardeketting

Leerhulbronne Module 02 - Boordsanitasie

Leerhulbronne Module 03 - Plukpraktyke

Leerhulbronne Module 04 - Pluktoesig

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