Citrus Planting Management

The Citrus Planting Management audio-visual series was developed by the Citrus Academy to address the lack of easily-accessible, user-friendly tools enabling growers and extension officers to instruct workers on the correct practices for orchard establishment and young tree care. The learning media consists of a series of five audio-visual modules:

  • Introduction to Planting Management
  • Citrus Types and Cultivars
  • Orchard Layout and Planning
  • Orchard Establishment
  • Orchard Recordkeeping

A well-known production company, Media World, was contracted to assist with the audio-visual development. Filming took place between September 2014 and August 2015, at locations around the country including at citrus nurseries, citrus farms, packhouses, the Citrus Foundation Block, and Citrus Research International. The final production was concluded in October 2015.

The audio-visual modules have been uploaded to the YouTube channel of the Citrus Academy, where it can be accessed by anyone wishing to use it. The series has also been produced in a set consisting of a DVD containing the audio-visual modules, and a CD containing learner guides. These sets are being distributed to citrus growers, agricultural extension officers, academic institutions and service providers around the country, at no cost.

Browse through the individual modules below. All downloadable material is in PDF format.

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Learning Material Module 01 - Introduction to Planting Management

Learning Material Module 02 - Citrus Types and Cultivars

Learning Material Module 03 - Orchard Layout and Planning

Learning Material Module 04 - Orchard Establishment

Learning Material Module 05 - Orchard Recordkeeping

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