Citrus Nursery Workers Programme

The Citrus Nursery Workers Programme was developed in collaboration with the South African Citrus Nurserymen's Association (SACNA) and the Citrus Research International (CRI) Foundation Block. SACNA also provided funding for the development of the programme.

The programme material is made available in hard copy and on CD to members of SACNA. All programme content has been translated into Afrikaans.

The programme consists of seven modules, as listed below. To download the content page of the module in PDF format, visit the CRW website by clicking the logo below.

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If you would like to enquire about receiving a copy of this programme material, please contact us.


Module 1 - Introduction to Propagation

Module 2 - Rootstock Propagation

Module 3 - Budding

Module 4 - Introduction to Nursery Practices

Module 5 - Plant Nutrition

Module 6 - Plant Protection

Module 7 - Irrigation and Water Quality

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